Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just a a day....

Just a day.....nothing exciting. I wanted to stay home and have a lazy day today but the children had other plans. "What are we going to do today?" they asked. Always the pressing question in the summer months.

I forgot to have any coffee today and had a wicked headache by the afternoon. Arghhhhh. After receiving a last minute invite to my neighbors birthday celebration I popped an ibuprofen and went next door to the birthday party shin dig.

The kids got to swim and play on the trampoline(...a home owners insurance agency nightmare as far as I'm concerned) and had loads of fun. I mingled with the family and some free advice about my window leak....(mold situation) and had a descent time.

I Need to get my house in order before I leave for my cousins bachelorette party this weekend. Thanks to a friend of mine they will have a friends and a pool to occupy their time tomorrow, leaving me free to get work done!

It feels wonderful to have a long weekend....