Friday, July 4, 2008

Not so subliminal advertising and fireworks (Why I want a Big Gulp NOW!)

What a wonderful 4th of July! We spent a relaxing day catching up with old friends as well as new ones. Having missed the local fireworks display the past 2 years, we decided to head on into town for the celebratory lighting of the night sky.

A certain amount of investigative work was done before a meeting place was chosen. However, our sources were mistaken, and the fireworks were set off in a completely different location than previous years. Fortunately, we were still able to turn our chairs and see the fireworks fairly well, with the exception of the 7 eleven sign smack in front of them.

It was a great show, though they took the unusual approach of what appeared to be 3 separate finales. It was genius really. Every year, at the end of the show people pack everything up as quick as they can, run to their cars and try to get out as quickly as possible to avoid the traffic. So after what appeared to be the finale the first time, a few cars started to leave. After a minute a second huge display of finale like fireworks was set off and again people left thinking that was it. But a minute later they set off a bunch more. The end effect was slightly frustrating, a lot of fun, and certainly helped ease the congestion of traffic.

And after staring at that fireworks display for 15 minutes or so....I'm just so craving a Big Gulp...