Sunday, July 6, 2008

Playing by the rules

Scrabble and variations of it like Upwards are games that I have grown very fond of in recent years. I love words and though I have a descent vocabulary, I am a horrific speller resulting in a built in handicap. I love to play serious competitive games with those that are equally competitive. And I like to play by the rules.

I am a rule follower by nature. I know how hard it is to make rules and set boundaries in the first place and feel that when possible, rules/policies/ boundaries should be respected. I like the predictability and order they afford.

Now here is the question. What if, what you thought were the rules weren’t? And you had been playing this way for years. Having discovered the “right” way, do you try to relearn the game the way it was designed? Or do you just keep playing it the way you know and love, with others who play by your rules?

As far as the board game is concerned, when ever there is a rule question, I think the rules established by Hasbro are the ones that should be followed. But that question got me thinking on a whole other level.

In life, how often do we get caught playing by one set of rules, only to find that they have been rewritten? Sometimes I have felt like the whole game itself has been swapped out and here I am with my tiles, while everyone else is playing cards.

Is this a feeling anyone else can appreciate?