Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love leaves! Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons. Each provides its own unique visual poetry. I so treasure the colors, shades, textures, and smells that come with the genesis of spring and Fall's cessation.

Spring is the time when it's all still possible. Gardens are conceived, their future yield still in question. Weeding, protecting, feeding and watering, our best is given in the hopes of producing our vision. Despite the promising nature of most beginnings, it's often a crap shoot as to what the end results will be. And in that mysterious unknowing place, after the seeds have been planted, before anything has yet grown... all is possible and exists. It's a truly magical time.

Fall is the culmination. Results are in. It's the time when our hopes and expectations (met or not) also fall away, making room for the magnificent reality. It's over! It's finished! Those beautiful leaves signifying the end. Comforting, crunching beneath our footsteps we can rest soon...and see how perfect it all truly was.