Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back with good intentions...and bad retention.

Wow a post finally! Will I be able to retain my discipline to blog?

Well, I have never believed in making New Years resolutions but this year I decided that change was in the air. One of the changes I'm making this year is focusing more on friendships and making NEW ones. I need some SINGLE friends and in pursuit of this end, I have joined some different groups, am taking an art class and am looking into volunteering for this.

As a result I have had less time for my virtual life, including my blog. I tend to seesaw between giving 100% to any given project and Nil. All or nothing...which leads me to my next resolution, finding a balance between my projects.

I've also started going to the gym again (my third resolution). I hadn't gone most of last year, and started 3 weeks ago. Why did I stop? I have so much more energy and just feel better period.

Well where to start? So many topics...so little time.

So far this week there has been a theme to each day. It began Monday morning at the gym, but also happened later at the grocery store and then again while I was waiting for my daughter at her art class. I was drawn into extended conversations each time with a very sweet, mentally challenged individual. Just very strange. Two out of the three times the woman (a different one each time) even stopped what they were doing to address me specifically and then talk to me about nothing and everything.

On Tuesday, Relationships was the theme of the day...in the grocery store again (gosh I go there a lot.) I was passing an older gent on one of the motorized carts. I asked him to excuse me for getting in his way. He just smiled sweetly and said "I'm with the blond." pointing to an older woman pushing a cart just ahead. The pair must have been in their late seventies/early eighties and the love and desire he expressed with that simple phrase "I'm with the blond." just struck me. I turned the corner, caught up with his wife and told her what her husband had said. She smiled this big smile and said they had been together for 58 years. In that moment I felt so happy for their relationship and the obvious love and affection they shared. I felt sadness knowing I would never have that with Peter, yet simultaneously hopeful that I might find a love like theirs in my future.

I turned the aisle again to experience another striking couple. Two teenage girls were shopping for soup, laughing and discussing the merits of Campbell vs Progresso. After finalizing their choices, they walked arm in arm down the aisle, one girl giving a kiss and fondling her girlfriends buttocks. I don't mind PDA as a rule, but do think the fondling of body parts in public is a little much. And though that's why they first received my attention, they kept it because I was so impressed with their complete OKness with their pubic display of affection. No one I knew back in high school would have been OK with expressing their blatant or latent homosexuality at their local grocery store. That these young women didn't feel the need to hide I thought that was pretty amazing. I like to think it is a positive sign that the kids these days are becoming more tolerant, and expect to receive tolerance in return.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring? I think the theme might be SNOW, or WHINING CHILDREN, but I'll just have to wait and see :)