Friday, September 19, 2008

Project Morning Person is a total bust!!

I have come to the conclusion that one should not try to mess with Mother Nature. At least not to the extent that I did while trying to change myself into a morning person. The results after just a few days were promising. Unfortunately, they were short lived. I did start going to sleep before midnight at first, but bedtime started to slowly slide later and later over the weeks. Still getting up very early, I have been so exhausted some days, that I end up taking a nap for a couple hours in the middle of the day. It's ironic that I started this whole thing because I felt like I was missing too much of the day.

I can't help but draw a parallel between what I did to myself and when one diets. At first the weight is look and feel good....but slowly old habits and ways return and all the weight returns plus 5 or 10 more. Crazy that trying to change oneself for the better should end up having such a negative end result. Perhaps the fatal flaw in my plan was having a specific idea of what should be a normal night of sleep. Trying to achieve this ideal, like trying to reach a certain dress size, is less important than trying to figure out what my body needs to function at its best.

Well my body tells me it doesn't like to get up in
the early morning hours. If nothing else I have discovered that I should never get up before 6am, and after 6, only if it's an emergency. I can force myself to get up by 7 for work, or to help the kids get off to school when necessary. And 8 is the earliest I would voluntarily wake up. In an ideal world I would sleep till 9 or 10am and start my day. Perhaps moving to a new time zone, CST or MST would help...But I know my internal clock would just shift accordingly... You just can't trick Mother Nature. I night owl I seem destined to be.

Maybe I just need one of these.

The Flattua bed is supported by a single beam attached to the wall, creating a neat effect that looks like your bed is floating on air.

Then I would sleep as peacefully as this guy is meditating.

The Quantum Sleeper should give anyone piece of are instantly ready for any crisis or emergency. Though I find no mention of drinking water storage capabilities.