Tuesday, August 12, 2008

From Buffalo with love

I've really enjoyed being back in my old haunting grounds...already having visited one of my favorite restaurants, Panos, I am looking forward to hitting Duffs for some of the BEST Buffalo hot wings on the planet. Five days into my 2 week traveling extravaganza I have stayed overnight at my Moms summer cottage, getting to visit with my brother and his girlfriend, and close friends of the family. Then we were off to my cousins fabulous wedding over the weekend and visited with my oldest cousin and his family.

Now staying with my in-laws in Buffalo I am looking forward to connecting with some old friends in the area and meeting up with one of my best friends and her family who chose to travel the same week to visit Niagara Falls. Maid of the Mist, here we come! It's one of those touristy things you never get around to doing when you live 20 min. away. So I'm looking forward to taking the kids and the fact that they will get to go with their best friends from home is all the better.

Who isn't watching the Olympics? The swimming relay race on Sunday night was incredible! The woman's gymnastics team was painful to watch as they just kept falling and stepping out of bounds. Though they appear to have it together tonight.And I don't understand it but it seems they are dropping softball from the Olympics. But they are keeping team handball? How is softball less of a serious sport than handball?

Well, stay tuned for tales from the redemption center...and a hair salon that you may never survive.