Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thoughts on the Cayuga wine trail...

This past weekend, as part of my cousin's bachelorette party, I took part in a wine tasting tour visiting some wineries that were part of the Cayuga wine trail in up state New York. During one of many surreal moments this past weekend, while tasting the wine, I flashed back to when Peter and I used to subscribe to Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Besides the interesting articles, we both always loved reading the reviews of the various wines in this magazine and always sought out the ones with the least points awarded to see in just what creative way the critic would describe his richly offended palette.

I dug up one of these magazines and found a few reviews I liked.

As I was reading them I had the image of what these various critics might be like at a party….summing up everyone around them in a 3 sentence quip.

“He is light, arrogant, with a touch of effervescent zeal. The top notes of intelligence and sophistication only lead to disappointment, as he is completely devoid in body and spirit. All right for a quick lay.”

“This well structured specimen of the female variety feels smooth and polished. Light in spirit with a smooth finish. An easy companion for small and large gatherings alike.”

Does anyone out there know any wine or food critics? Does their critiqing come out in other less appropriate ways? Probably no more or less then the rest of us I suppose....just a passing thought.