Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction in its most simplified definition, “like attracts like” is an interesting and seductive idea. It offers the illusion of control over my present lot in life and an ability to shape my future. All I have to do is embody that desire. Wine it. Dine it. Hold it close to my heart and believe it to be possible and it is mine to manifest.

If only it could be that simple.

What ever I am focused on is what I see and in that sense I do create my reality. For example, when I got a new car I became hyper aware of all cars around me of the same make and model. It seemed like they were everywhere, though I had never noticed it before. After Peter’s diagnosis it seemed that everyone around me was coming down with cancer. That wasn’t the reality though. It was just a byproduct of where my focus lay. Maybe it should be called the law of focus.

Even then it doesn’t even take into account the freedom we gain from embracing that which we most fear. When I push something away it just seems to bring it more power. Even pain works on this principle.

With the birth of my oldest…I experienced the worst physical pain of my life. I can still to this day remember with vivid clarity the pain and feeling as if I were in fact dying. The pain was agonizing and I fought it every step of the way. What a vicious negative feedback loop I created.

With my second pregnancy we decided to try hypnobirthing. Now, I have too many control issues to have been able to get the full benefit of that technique, but WOW what a difference it made learning how to embrace the pain and meet it instead of railing against it. It hurt, but incredibly, it was completely manageable. So in embracing the pain, accepting it, in a sense focusing on it, not only did I not manifest more pain but diminished it.